Owners of artworks by Elie Borgrave are encouraged to contact Dominique de Borchgrave

  • The owner’s name and contact information
  • The artwork’s title, date, medium and dimensions : Elie Borgrave signed his works with a monogram Σ and the year of the creation
  • Professionally digital images (preferably TIFF or jpg format) of the artwork’s front and verso
  • Any available information regarding provenance, bibliography and exhibition history
  • This website was built in memory of Elie Borgrave and is a collection of documents and photos of the artist. We have used documents and photos shared with Elie in his time. If there are any copyrights on some of these documents or photos, we thank you for contacting us by email.

All information submitted is strictly confidential.

Galleries following Elie Borgrave Artworks


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